Juniper Expands Virtual Security for IPv6

This week, Juniper is updating vGW to version 5.5, providing new features to meet the growing challenges of securing virtual infrastructure at scale.

“vGW is a software solution for securing virtual environments doing the same sort of things that physical devices do,” Johnnie Constansis, product marketing manager at Juniper told EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet. “Firewall, IPS, malware detection, anti-virus and compliance checking are all part of the vGW product.”

One of the new vGW 5.5 features is full IPv6 support. The free pool of available IPv4 addresses has now been exhausted and service providers around the world are now making the slow transition to IPv6. Constansis said that with the IPv6 support in vGW 5.5, service providers can now express and enforce policy on IPv6 networks.

The need for IPv6 support isn’t just about ensuring that the vGW is ready for future requirements. Constansis said that one of Juniper’s customers for the vGW is the largest ISP in Japan. IPv6 adoption is now being mandated in Japan, so in order for Juniper to support them, it’s essential that the vGW support IPv6.

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