What will Follow OpenStack Kilo? My Vote is for Liberty

From the ‘Not Lollipop’ files:

The open-source OpenStack cloud community is now choosing the name for what will be the second platform release later this year. The Kilo release is set to debut in May ahead of the OpenStack Vancouver Summit.

The naming convention for OpenStack releases is to be somewhat related to the location of the design summit, so the ‘L’ name will need to have something to do with Vancouver, British Columbia or Canada even. The current list is now down to four candidate names:

Liberty: Liberty is a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan
Lizard: The Lizard Range is a mountain range in British Columbia, Canada
London: London is a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Love: Love is a small village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan

You can vote on which name you prefer at the online poll located at: 


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