Second OpenStack Kilo Milestone Now Available

From the ‘Cloud Dev Never Stops’ files:

Though the open-source OpenStack cloud platform only has two major releases in any given year, each release is preceded by a steady cadence of incremental milestone updates.

For the OpenStack Kilo release which should be generally on April 30, the second milestone update was announced on February 5. In a mailing list message, OpenStack release manager Theirry Carrez noted that, “84 blueprints were implemented and no less than 708 bugs were fixed during this milestone.”

That’s a non-trivial amount of work.

Looking specifically at Nova, 17 blueprints and 113 bugs were identified, with one update identified as high priority. The high priority update is “Upgrade: Validate DB migrations and models”. The issue is defined in a spec page for Kilo Live Upgrade priorities.

According to the spec:

Database migrations and the database model are managed independently in Nova. When a new database migration is added, changes are often needed to the database model and vice versa. However, there are no tests or checks that the database model matches the results of the database migrations leaving them to often drift apart.

Of course, there is lots more goodness in the OpenStack Kilo milestone 2, but there is also lots more progress left to made.

Thankfully the OpenStack project makes it ridiculously easy to track what’s going and what the priorities are for the next few months of Kilo development. There is a fantastic roadmap page for Kilo development that currently shows 408 total blueprints as part of kilo, with 237 tracked active blueprints.

The next milestone update – Kilo 3 – is particularly important as it will mark the feature freeze for Kilo. The third Kilo milestone is currently set to be released on March 19.

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