Wireless MP3 Connection Launched

A system for delivering streaming MP3 music to wireless devices over wired and wireless networks was launched Tuesday.

Sensate Inc. said its 2nR-Musiker works with RealNetworks’ RealJukebox software and enables downloading, uploading and streaming of MP3 music by wireless and wired Net devices that run Windows or Windows CE variants such as Pocket PC. It can operate over 802.11b wireless networks as well as Bluetooth and HomeRF.

The system enables a desktop PC to act as a central server with clients playing on the Pocket PC handheld and Windows-based computers, according to Sensate. The 2nR-Muliker system manages content as well as uploading, downloading and streaming to the networked devices, according to Sensate.

The system is based on AoIP, Sensate’s platform and middleware for network applications. AoIP gives 802.llb local area networks cellular network features such as quality-of-service, discovery, authentication and roaming.

The product is available free from popular Web-based download sites.

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