Users Do More Than Surf

Internet applications are gaining popularity as research from Nielsen//NetRatings finds that more than 72 percent of the total online audience does more than just surf the Net.

“With the proliferation of faster access speeds and affordable high-performance PCs, Web users have found it very easy to download and install a wide range of Internet applications,” said Carolyn Clark, senior Internet analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings.

Top 10 Internet Applications, November 2002
U.S. Combined Home & Work
Internet Application Unique Audience (000) Active Reach %

Time per

Windows Media Player 41,452 31.2 0:36:31
AOL Instant Messenger 27,848 21.0 3:41:51
RealOne Player/RealPlayer 27,226 20.5 0:18:25
MSN Messenger Service 22,721 17.1 1:35:48
Yahoo! Messenger 15,595 11.7 2:50:01
KaZaA 14,095 10.6 2:35:37
Apple QuickTime 14,004 10.5 0:06:33
Gator 11,628 8.8 0:04:41
WhenU 10,304 7.8 0:04:53
AOL Companion 10,095 7.6 0:12:24
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Instant messaging grabs three of the top 10 spots in November and Jupiter Research (a unit of this site’s corporate parent) vouches for the communication app’s popularity with findings that on average more than half of the online population engages in the activity. More than two-third (69 percent) of Internet users aged 13-17; 59 percent of those 18-34; 49 percent of those 35-54; and 45 percent of adults over age 55 cited instant messaging as a favorite online activity.

Jupiter also found that 42 percent of teens (13-17 years old) downloaded music; 40 percent of teens and 29 percent of young adults (18-34 years old) listened to music online; and 23 percent of teens traded music via a file-sharing application, such as KaZaA. Teens were also the group most likely to watch a video or movie clip online (29 percent), and watch a music video online (26 percent).

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