Akamai Debuts Cloud-Based Web App Firewall

Thought that just an IPS was enough? Nope — Akamai says you need a WAF, and the CDN giant thinks it has just the solution. eSecurityPlanet has the details.

Providing security in the cloud isn’t just about providing IPS-type security that protects the network against attack — there is also a need to protect against application vulnerabilities, as well.

That’s where Akamai’s new Web Application Firewall (WAF) service fits in.

The new WAF service is an add-on for users of Akamai’s (NASDAQ: AKAM) content delivery network (CDN), the EdgePlatform. As opposed to an IPS, which blocks network-layer attacks, the general idea behind a WAF is that it protects against application-layer attacks.

Because the Akamai WAF is a cloud-based managed service, no additional hardware is required for the WAF for client usage, and company officials said the WAF doesn’t introduce additional latency to client applications and Web sites.

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