Apple Mac OS X Gets Security Update

Apple’s giving its Mac OS X a significant update, offering users a host of security fixes as it migrates to version 10.6.4.

Among the flaws Apple is addressing is a vulnerability related to Adobe’s Flash Player, which was recently tagged with a zero-day threat. eSecurity Planet has the details.

Apple’s Mac OS X is getting an update this week to version 10.6.4, providing users with a long list of security fixes, as well.

From a security perspective, the 10.6.4 release tackles a number of high-priority vulnerabilities including an updated Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Earlier this month, a zero-day security vulnerability had been found in Flash Player. A fix for Windows users became available at the end of last week with the Flash 10.1 release, while Mac users had to wait until Flash’s update, contained in the latest OS X release.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Apple Updates Mac to OS X 10.6.4 for Security

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