Black Hat: The Million Browser Botnet

LAS VEGAS—Every day millions of ads are displayed to tens of millions of users across the Web. According to a pair of WhiteHat Security researchers speaking at the Black Hat security conference here, those ads could be the gateway to enslaving your browser into a botnet army.

There is little preventing an attacker from spending a small amount of money to almost instantly create a massive JavaScript-driven browser botnet—a so-called “million browser botnet,” Matt Johanson, manager of the Threat Research Center at WhiteHat Security, told eWEEK.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that WhiteHat’s browser botnet attack isn’t technically about disclosing a vulnerability. Rather, it’s about abusing functionality that is part of the way the Internet works today.

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Black Hat: Ads Could Provide a Vehicle for Enslaving Your Browser –

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