Cloud Computing: How Secure Is It?

No one can deny that the buzz around “the cloud” is practically deafening, with its supporters seeing the potential for reshaping the way we think about everything from enterprise software and storage to consumer devices and services.

But security concerns lurk despite all the hype, and to a panel of experts speaking at this week’s AlwaysOn OnDemand conference, those security worries could derail whatever successes the cloud offers enterprises. eSecurity Planet takes a look at their arguments.

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Is cloud computing adoption hurt by security issues, compliance concerns or just a poorly chosen name? All these issues were raised during a panel on cloud security at the AlwaysOn OnDemand conference here at HP’s headquarters Tuesday.

“The worst thing we ever did was coin the term ‘cloud,’ which takes a business process and makes it sound … out there,” said Thinkstrategies analyst Jeff Kaplan, who moderated the panel.

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Cloud Faces Security Challenges

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