Cybersecurity Seen Falling Short on Collaboration

On the eve of a major multinational cybersecurity conference, the sponsoring organization, the EastWest Institute, has released a survey with some troubling findings about the global state of readiness.

Among the survey’s key findings are the thick walls that impede communication and the sharing of information between the private and public sectors.

The survey also reveals the general perception that the failure of prominent nations to enact and enforce tough cybersecurity policies could have severe diplomatic repercussions.

eSecurity Planet takes a look at the survey and previews the conference taking place this week in Dallas.

A global survey of top government officials and business leaders has unearthed considerable anxiety about the threat of cyberattacks, with only negligible minorities saying that the public and private sectors share information about threats as effectively as they need to.

Just 4 percent of government officials and 1 percent of business leaders rated the cybersecurity coordination efforts in their countries “excellent,” according to the EastWest Institute, which released the survey to coincide with the Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit it is hosting this week in Dallas.

That event will provide a forum for industry executives, technical experts and government security officials from 40 nations to discuss the cybersecurity challenge in an effort to bring the global community a step closer to a multilateral framework for dealing with 21st-century digital threats that defy traditional rules of engagement.

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Collaboration Seen as Missing Link in Cybersecurity

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