Enterprise Secrets Often at Risk: Report

IT organizations are only too familiar with the various security threats that have arisen or grown in prominence the past several years, from malware and viruses to botnets and hacking attacks.

But as eSecurity Planet reports, a recent survey reveals an imbalance, slanted in favor of compliance, in how funds are being spent to secure enterprise data.

While many IT departments are spending significantly on compliance and protection from accidental leaks of “custodial data,” most are not investing enough in protecting their organizations’ most important secrets. That’s according to a new Forrester Consulting survey funded by Microsoft and RSA.

According to the researchers, who surveyed 305 IT security decision makers globally, two types of business data need to be secured. Those include “secrets that confer long-term competitive advantage, and custodial data assets that they are compelled to protect.”

To Forrester, secrets include information such as product plans, earnings forecasts, and trade secrets, while custodial data includes customer, medical, and payment card information that becomes “toxic” when stolen or exposed.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Microsoft Cyber Security Survey Finds Businesses’ Most Valuable Data at Risk

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