Apache Maven Nearing Version 3 Release

The Apache Maven is steaming toward the release of version 3 of the open source development project, promising a significant performance boost that developers hope will see wider uptake of Maven as a component in other projects.

Developer.com reports on the release of Apache Maven 3, which is expected out in the next few months.

The open source Apache Maven project has been helping software developers for over six years with their project build and reporting management needs. For most of that time, the project has been offering incremental updates to the Apache Maven 2.x product line, but in the next few months, Maven 3 is set to emerge.

Maven 3 will be the first major release for the Apache project since the Maven 2 release in 2005. It also comes at time when the project’s lead sponsor, Sonatype, is gearing up new commercially supported applications to enhance the Maven ecosystem.

Currently, Maven 3 is still in active development with the most recent milestone, the 3.0 alpha 7 build. Maven creator Jason Van Zyl, who is also CTO of Sonatype, told InternetNews.com that he expects Maven 3.0 to be generally available in the next two to three months, though there will be one more alpha release before the first beta.

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Apache Maven 3 Races to the Finish Line

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