Experts Agree DNSSEC Still in Early Stages

When Dan Kaminsky made his revelation about the critical flaw in the DNS infrastructure, he was hailed for calling attention to a vulnerability that could have brought the Internet to its knees.

Now, two years later, Kaminsky gathered with a panel of security experts, including the chief of ICANN, at the Black Hat conference to assess how far we’ve come in implementing DNSSEC, and the challenges that remain. Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look.

LAS VEGAS — Two years ago at the Black Hat USA 2008 conference, security researcher Dan Kaminsky detailed a critical flaw in DNS that could have destroyed the Internet as we know it. Two years later, the root zone of Internet DNS is now signed with DNSSEC, partially as a response and a solution to Kaminsky’s 2008 finding.

A panel of experts, including Kaminsky, addressed the issue of DNS security and what’s next at the Black Hat USA 2010 conference currently underway here.

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DNSSEC is Here. Now What?

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