Facebook Adds Login Security Features

Social networking sites are often maligned for lax security. It’s no secret that sites like Facebook and Twitter have had their share of run-ins with malware and scammers.

But Facebook is taking steps to make users’ profiles a little more secure, rolling out new login security features to tighten up authentication on the site. Now, Facebook is offering alerts about recent account activity and will pose verification questions when users sign in from unfamiliar devices.

eSecurity Planet takes a look at Facebook’s new login security features.

In an effort to shore up security on its site, Facebook has released a pair of authentication tools that aim to prevent unauthorized access to users’ profiles.

The new security systems approach authentication by monitoring for suspicious logins and allowing users to register the devices they use to access their account.

One feature Facebook is rolling out seeks to preempt unauthorized access to a user’s account. When someone tries to log in to an account from a device that Facebook doesn’t recognize, the site will ask a verification question. It might ask for a birthday or for the name of a friend in a photograph before granting access to the account, according to Lev Popov, a software engineer with Facebook’s site integrity team.

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Facebook Tightens Login Security Features

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