Details of RIM’s BlackBerry Tablet Emerge

Is Research in Motion the next entrant into the tablet market? If the rumors are to be believed, it does looks that way.

The blog Boy Genius Reports purports details about the development of a tablet computer with an 8.9-inch screen running a modified version of the BlackBerry operating system.

Then again, an analyst points out that a lot of firms are experimenting with tablets these days, and the rumor of a concept by no means guarantees that the device will make it to market.

Enterprise Mobile Today has the details of RIM’s rumored BlackBerry tablet.

Research in Motion is the latest firm to be rumored to be working on a tablet device, according to the blog Boy Genius Reports. If the description at BGR is to be believed — and BGR has a pretty good record of accuracy — then it looks like RIM is playing to the home team.

The tablet is described as coming with an 8.9-inch screen running a modified BlackBerry OS and designed to be a “companion” device to a user’s BlackBerry phone. It won’t have a cellular ratio built in, instead relying on a Bluetooth connection to the BlackBerry phone or a native Wi-Fi connection.

This makes it sound an awful lot like Palm’s ill-fated Foleo, a Linux notebook that was meant to be a companion device to a Palm Treo phone. Palm announced the Foleo in May 2007 and killed it that September after failing to get any traction with it, not to mention some public scorn.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Details on RIM’s BlackBerry Mobile Computing Tablet Emerge

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