Feds Work for Private-Sector Cybersecurity Deal

A joint effort between the federal government and private industry to improve cybersecurity makes sense on paper, but in practice, it’s another matter, notes eSecurity Planet. Getting government and private industry on the same security page means navigating a maze of antiquated government procedures, legal hurdles and tax issues, to say nothing of territories and boundaries.

WASHINGTON — The notion that the government needs to establish firm and far-reaching partnerships with the private sector has become a key focus of the debate currently raging over federal cybersecurity.

Given that the private sector owns and operates between 80 percent and 90 percent of the nation’s digital infrastructure, the military and civilian agencies realize that they can’t go it alone in the face of ongoing and persistent threats from a multiplicity of attackers both at home and abroad.

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Feds Look to Clear Hurdles in Private-Sector Cybersecurity

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