Is This the End of the Line for Python 2.x?

The Python programming language has been in a rather long transition. Version 3.x came out 18 months ago, but 2.x has carried on as developers support legacy apps and code. But now that developers have had 18 months to get ready, wonders, will Python 2.7 be the end of the 2.x line?

The open source Python language is at a crossroads with two major versions available to developers. The end of the road for the Python 2.x branch is now a little closer, with the release of Python 2.7 this week.

Python 2.7 is intended to be the last major Python 2.x release as the open source project aims to help developers migrate to the newer Python 3.x release codebase. Python 3.x first hit general availability in December of 2008. Though the Python 2.x branch is now at the end of the line in terms of new releases, Python 2.x still has a lot of life left in it.

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Does Python 2.7’s Release Mean the End of the Line for Python 2.x?

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