Google Chrome 8 Stable Addresses 800 Flaws

Google has identified no fewer than 800 bugs that it aims to exterminate with the latest release of its Chrome Web browser, version 8 stable. The latest release follows closely on the late October debut of Chrome 7 stable, indicating the aggressive pace by which Google is trying to mature its browser.

Thirteen of the fixes in the new release target security issues, four of which are deemed to carry a high impact. The release also address a string of video and memory issues, as well as other areas of improvement. eSecurity Planet has the details on Google’s release of Chrome 8 stable.

Make no mistake about it, Google is on a very rapid release cycle for the Chrome browser. This week Google released Chrome version 8 stable, providing 800 bug fixes, according to Google’s release notes.

The Chrome 8 stable release follows the release of Chrome 7 stable, which debuted at the end of October.

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Google Chrome 8 Release Fixes 800 Bugs

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