Google Chrome Update Fixes 10 Security Flaws

Google has done a little housecleaning with its Web browser, releasing a security update that fixes 10 vulnerabilities in the versions of Chrome that run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The security update patches flaws in Chrome that Google had rated as “high” severity, including a vulnerability that could corrupt a system’s memory stemming from an invalid PNG image file. eSecurity Planet has the details.

Google is updating the stable version of its Chrome Web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux, addressing a handful of security vulnerabilities — including four that could put users at risk simply by viewing a maliciously constructed image file.

Those vulnerabilities addressed in Chrome 5.0.375.99 are rated as “high” severity, and include a high-memory corruption flaw that could be triggered by an invalid PNG image file. Google awarded security researcher Aki Helin $1,000 for the discovery of the vulnerability, which he reported June 7.

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Google Updates Chrome for 10 Security Flaws

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