Silverlight Gains PivotViewer Visualization

Knowledge workers have more data than ever on sales, customers and market trends. Problem is, the explosion of data can be hard to manage effectively.

As DevX reports, researchers at Microsoft have added a new visualization tool to its Silverlight media player. The new PivotViewer may especially be of interest to website developers looking for new ways to allow users to better interact with large amounts of data online.

Microsoft is shipping a free Silverlight control that enables users to visualize data graphically to help them better perform such tasks as analyzing business intelligence (BI) data from an e-commerce website.
The control, called the Silverlight PivotViewer, was co-developed by Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Live Labs and the Silverlight development team.

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New PivotViewer for Silverlight Lets You Visualize Data

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