Google Updates Chrome 14 for Security and Native Code

Google is updating its Chrome web browser to version 14, providing security fixes and new features.

Google Chrome 14.0.835.163 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux and fixes 32 flaws. Of those flaws, Google has rated 15 of them as being high-risk, 10 as medium and seven as low risk. In total, Google is paying out $14,337 to security researchers as part of the Chromium Security Award program for reporting flaws to Google that were fixed in Chrome 14.

The fixed high risk flaws in Chrome include use-after free memory vulnerabilities with plug-in handling, Ruby, the focus controller, document loader and tables style handling. Use-after-free errors occur when a function continues to hold onto a memory location even after an operation has been completed. An attacker can potentially make use of the same memory location then to launch arbitrary code.

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