IBM’s View on the America Invents Patent Reform Act

The patent reform changes are seen in a positive light by IBM, which has been the leading patent recipient of patents in the U.S for the last 18 years. IBM inventors were issued 5,896 U.S. patents in 2010. In 2011, IBM is celebrating the 100th anniversary of their first U.S. patent, which was for a punch card innovation.

“The signing of the America Invents Act into law today will help to rev up the engine of American innovation by improving the patent system and providing greater assurance to our nation’s inventors, ” Christopher Padilla, IBM Vice President for Governmental Programs said.

IBM has worked with the U.S. patent system for 100 years and sees the move to first to file as having some benefits. IBM’s Chief Patent Counsel, Manny Schecter, told that IBM obtains patent protection in many countries that have first to file systems, as well as under the current U.S. system.

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America Invents Act Signed into Law

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