Google Updates Chrome 9 Security, Again

Not even a week after releasing a stable version of the Chrome 9 browser, Google is at it again. That update addressed nine security issues, but now, Google is pushing out Chrome 9.0.597.94, which looks to remedy at least five more.

Additionally, Google has added a freshly patched version of Adobe Flash, and continues to be the only major Web browser with a direct Flash integration. Other browsers require users to download the media playback tool as a plug-in.

Of the five security issues Google is addressing, three are deemed high-impact, including two relating to stale pointers. One of the stale pointers concerns animation event handling, while the other focuses on anonymous block handling.

The other two security issues are identified as medium-impact. One addresses the failure to process an out-of-memory condition, and the other related to a plug-in handling issue.

eSecurity Planet has the details on Google’s latest Chrome update.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Google Refreshes Chrome 9 for Security and Flash

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