Oracle’s New File System Targets Cloud Storage

Database giant Oracle is out with a new cloud-based storage system, dubbed Cloud File System, which it promises will ease the path for businesses to shift their IT operations to the cloud.

“There are two components, the volume manager sits on top of the file manager, so it looks like any industry standard file system,” explained Bob Thome, Oracle’s director of product management.

Oracle is billing the new product as a tool to help enterprises bring their applications, databases and storage to the cloud.

Among the features Oracle is touting in the Cloud File System is support for file tagging, which can help users retrieve assets stored across a distributed architecture. “Normally, you might say ‘replicate everything in the critical database.’ But here we let you more efficiently say only the files with the particular tag in it,”

Datamation has the details on Oracle’s new cloud offering.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Oracle Unveils Cloud File System

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