How to Protect Your Mobile Device in 7 Steps

This holiday season, security researchers at AppRiver want to put smartphone users on high alert. Projecting that 90 percent of users will tap their devices for business and personal use throughout the season, AppRiver has offered a seven-step guideline for keeping safe on the mobile Web.

AppRiver urges caution when mobile users are accessing the Web through Wi-Fi hotspots, an increasingly popular offloading tactic for carriers trying to ease the strain on their 3G networks. In addition to basic safe browsing and other commonsense computing protections, AppRiver warns users to exercise caution when downloading and installing mobile apps, many of which can leech out sensitive data.

“These apps can potentially allow other programs access to your valuable personal information,” said AppRiver’s Troy Gill. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

Ninety percent of smartphone owners will be using their mobile devices for work and personal purposes throughout the holiday season, giving hackers plenty of opportunities to steal personal information and slither their way into enterprise networks.

To help users avoid making the most common and costly mistakes, security software vendor AppRiver this week served up some tips to help mobile users protect themselves and their data this holiday season.

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