HP Broadens TippingPoint Security Portfolio

Computing giant HP is expanding the menu of security options available from its TippingPoint division, a business unit it picked up with the acquisition of 3Com.

With the new security technology, HP is offering a new virtual intrusion prevention system dubbed vController, which routes incoming traffic on virtual machines to physical systems and then relays it back to its original destination.

vController, which works with VMware’s virtualization offerings, aims to conserve virtual resources by routing traffic to physical machines, a process HP says reduces latency. eSecurity Planet has the details.

Two months after HP completed its $2.7 billion acquisition of 3Com, the combined company is now rolling out new security gear.

HP (NYSE: HPQ) this week announced new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) form factors, a virtual IPS technology called vController and an SSL inspection appliance. The new security technologies are from 3Com’s TippingPoint division and expand the security options available from HP.

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HP Expands TippingPoint Security

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