IBM Debuts Tivoli Endpoint Security Tool

When IBM acquired BigFix last July, the company signaled that it was looking to branch out its security portfolio.

Now that strategy has a public face with IBM’s release of Tivoli Endpoint Manager, integrating the technology it gained through the BigFix acquisition, and wading into a security sector that hasn’t historically been a focus for Big Blue.

“Traditionally IBM has not been seen as an endpoint player,” said Amrit Williams, IBM’s director of emerging security. “There has now been recognition by IBM of an interconnected smarter planet and part of this release is about demonstrating and showing that endpoints are important.”

Prior to the acquisition, Williams served as CTO at BigFix.

He explained that the new product is more than just a rebranding of his old company’s technology, noting the expanded support for virtualization and new user interface in the Tivoli version.

CIO Update has the details on IBM’s foray into endpoint security.

Read the full story at CIO Update:

IBM Goes After Endpoint Security

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