Judge Orders Takedown of Rogue ISP

The Internet might be better off for this one. A federal judge has ordered the permanent closure of 3FN, a so-called “rogue” Internet service provider that has operated under many names under the aegis of the holding company Pricewert.

The order brings to an end the Federal Trade Commission’s longstanding efforts to taken down 3FN. Nearly a year ago, the agency had secured a temporary restraining order against the ISP.

So what was the outfit doing that was so bad? Among 3FN’s activities were trafficking child pornography, pumping out copious amounts of spam, marshaling botnets and other crimes.

Enterprise Networking Planet has the details on the takedown of 3FN.

After years of actively recruiting and colluding with cyber crooks to distribute spyware, viruses, botnet command-and-control servers and child pornography, a district court judge this week ordered the permanent closure of 3FN, a rogue Internet service provider that’s been in the Federal Trade Commission’s crosshairs for more than a year.

3FN, which operated under a number of different names under a private holding company called Pricewert, had all of its servers and other assets seized in the past year after the FTC successfully convinced the district judge in Northern California to issue a temporary restraining order against the ISP.

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