Red Hat Taking Deltacloud Commercial

Red Hat is on a mission to harmonize the numerous cloud environments that can give administrators headaches.

The open source vendor is moving its deltacloud offering toward commercialization, with plans to debut a cloud management engine sometime next year that will enable admins to manage multiple virtualization environments through a single console.

CIO Update has the details on Red Hat’s roadmap for the deltacloud product.

Open source vendor Red Hat betting on a year-old open source effort that it hopes will further open up the cloud.

Red Hat’s deltacloud project started last year as a way of enabling and managing a heterogeneous cloud virtualization infrastructure. Now, deltacloud is on a path to commercialization as part of a set of new virtualization products from Red Hat. The potential payoff for Red Hat is that deltacloud will be positioned as an open source approach to managing nearly any type of cloud virtualization technology.

Read the full story at CIO Update:

Red Hat Commercializes deltaCloud, Eyes a More Open Cloud

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