LogRhythm Pattern Tech Targets Network Security

Log data can be a vast resource for promoting IT security. But that’s also the problem — it’s vast.

LogRhythm, a security information and event manager vendor, has deployed a new technology that aims to help businesses make sense of all that data to develop a stronger security posture.

To that end, LogRhythm has unveiled its Advance Intelligence Engine, which uses a pattern-recognition technology to comb through the entire store of log data to scan for potential threats.

“What AI Engine does is it gives us visibility by analyzing all log data, it’s not a subset,” said Trent Heisler, LogRhythm’s director of technical services. “A lot of times some of what may first seem to be benign traffic, is really not.”

eSecurity Planet has the details about LogRhythm’s new approach to network security.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

LogRhythm Improves Network Security with Complex Pattern Recognition

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