Citrix: Mobile Enables ‘Everywhere Employee’

Time to get out of the office? More and more workers are doing just that, according to a recent survey by Citrix.

A decade ago, mobile computing meant carrying a laptop, but today smartphones and the emerging new class of tablet devices are firmly in the mix. In the Citrix survey, 42 percent of respondents said they use three computing devices on a daily basis, while 34 percent said they use two.

With a growing mobile arsenal, more workers are taking their show on the road. Fifty-two percent in the Citrix survey said they spend one to two days away from the office, while 15 percent said three to four and 12 percent said they typically spend all five days of the week out of the office.

“There’s always been an outlier case for a certain small set of people being out of the office whether it was because of traffic or certain jobs like sales that require it. Now the average worker spends at least some time out of the office,” Wes Wasson, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Citrix, told

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Citrix Touts the ‘Everywhere Employee’ Mobile Office Worker

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