McAfee CTO: Security is More than Keeping the Barbarians at the Gate

McAfee executives speaking at a press event Feb. 24 at the RSA Conference in San Francisco detailed their plans to push security forward and bypass rival vendors. McAfee, an Intel company, aims to change the way it looks at a key challenge that faces modern enterprise security: achieving true, sustainable innovation.

“Taking an individual countermeasure, like firewall, AV [antivirus] or sandboxing, all that does is keep the barbarians at the gate,” said Mike Fey, CTO for McAfee. “It’s just moments away from parity at some point, and most of these technologies give you two to three years of differentiation.”

Where Fey sees the opportunity for sustainable innovation is when security technologies are connected. A single security control can be strengthened by the information and architecture that surrounds that control. The new McAfee Comprehensive Threat Protection offering the company is launching at the RSA conference is an attempt to provide a more robust approach to security wrapping together information and security controls, Fey said.

“If you look at the history of the battlefield, you saw this,” Fey said. “First, a better sword, then a better shield, then a better gun, tank and plane.”

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