What is the Goldilocks Zone for Security?

SAN FRANCISCO – Some parts of an enterprise infrastructure are too hot and some are too cold, while some are “just right” for security. VMware CTO of Networking Martin Casado dubs this “just right” area the “Goldilocks zone” and says the virtualization hypervisor is its central feature.

Current IT controls typically sit on the network periphery and are deployed in a way that is equivalent to putting an on/off switch for a residential alarm system outside of the house, Casado said. This ineffectual approach isn’t working, he added.

“Security spend is actually outpacing IT spend overall,” Casado told eSecurityPlanet. “The only thing that is outpacing that is security losses. It’s clear that we’re fighting a losing battle, and you can’t buy your way out of this.”

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Is Virtualization Hypervisor a ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for Security?

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