Meraki Revs Up Cloud Networking

Meraki is looking to ramp up the performance of its networking offering while at the same time tightening up security.

This week, Meraki updated both its hardware and software, and added network access control (NAC) technology to shield enterprise IT assets from security threats, a feature that customers have been asking for, though one that is can be technically challenging to manage.

Meraki’s NAC offering pre-screens each endpoint before granting it access to the network in order to ensure that its security software is up to date.

“This is included at no additional cost with our wireless LAN and routers,” explained Kiren Sekar, Meraki’s director of marketing. “So if someone is evaluating this they aren’t comparing it against a NAC solution they would go out and purchase separately.”

Wi-Fi Planet has the details on Meraki’s new networking roll-out.

Read the full story at Wi-Fi Planet:

Meraki Expands Cloud Networking with NAC

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