Microsoft Addresses Windows Phone Update Flaw

Microsoft, struggling to gain a foothold in the white-hot smartphone market, hit a big snag when it pushed out an update that crippled some users’ phones.

Bricking certain models of Samsung devices running Windows Phone 7 was certainly not in Microsoft’s playbook, and the company has responded with a question-and-answer post to its blog as it continues to do damage control.

Microsoft insists that the overwhelming majority of users who have installed the update have done so without incident, while offering sympathy to those unlucky users who saw their phones go dark.

In the meantime, the tech enthusiast site WinRumors has pointed to a workaround for users with the Samsung Omnia 7, while at the same time urging caution and warning that the fix could void the phone’s warranty or permanently damage the device.

Enterprise Mobile Today has the story.

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Microsoft Divulges More on Windows Phone Problems

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