Metasploit Targets Social Engineering

How do you know if your systems are safe? One method security professionals use for testing are penetration tools. Metasploit is one such popular penetration tool that started as an open source project, but also now has a commercial version.

As eSecurity Planet reports, there’s a new version of Metasploit in the works that sports a number of new features and enhancements to Metasploit’s social engineering penetration testing tools designed to make them easier to use and execute.

The open source Metasploit framework is a popular way for security researchers to conduct penetration testing for security analysis. It’s also a project undergoing a number of transitions.

For one thing, there’s a new Metasploit version on the way that sports new features, including improved social engineering testing tools. But there’s also the transition from a purely open source project to an effort that must balance the needs of its open source community with the commercial requirements of its new Metasploit Express proprietary product.

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What’s Next for Metasploit?

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