Microsoft Security Linked to Admin Rights

For all the high-level talk about sophisticated cybersecurity solutions, the most effective defense could be to shore up the human side of the equation. A new survey from BeyondTrust has concluded that restricting administrator privileges could go a long way toward protecting at-risk systems.

eSecurity Planet takes a look at the survey’s findings, and the impact tighter admin controls can have on Microsoft security issues.

A new survey of Microsoft security vulnerabilities shows that the vast majority of them can be effectively mitigated while users wait for systems managers to apply the software giant’s monthly patches.

The third-party report, compiled by privileged access lifecycle management vendor BeyondTrust, claims that the cure for many ills that might befall users of PCs running Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) software is straightforward.

“Key findings from this report show that removing administrator rights will better protect companies,” said the study, dubbed BeyondTrust 2009 Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis.

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Want PC Security? Remove Admin Rights

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