Lenovo ThinkStation Helps Build Ultra-Fast Car

So much of the competition in the IT industry turns on speed. Chip makers, network providers, hardware vendors alike all tout theirs as the fastest dog in the race. So it’s only fitting that a racing team looking to break the land speed record with an ultrafast car would hook up with an outfit like Lenovo to use its ThinkStation for the data-intensive modeling the team is conducting to fashion the world’s fastest car.

Datamation has the story about Lenovo’s contribution to the North America Eagle team’s efforts to shatter the land sound barrier and set a new speed record.

There’s speeding ticket fast, there’s racetrack fast and then there’s the vehicle being built by North American Eagle that it hopes will break the world land speed record of 763 miles per hour (MPH). If it gets there, computer maker Lenovo should be pretty happy with the publicity since its computers played a key role in the achievement.

The N.A. Eagle team is planning an engine test run this Saturday and then a test run at Edwards Airforce Base in California this summer. The world land speed record is currently held by British Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green, who was also the first person to break the sound barrier on land back in 1997.

“We’re building the North American Eagle to challenge the current record and bring it back to North America,” the N.A. Eagle Team said on its Web site’s FAQ page.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Lenovo ThinkStation Helps Build Superfast Car

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