Microsoft Shuts Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Tool

The phenomenal success of Apple’s App Store for the iPhone showed the tremendous interest users have in enhancing their mobile devices with new applications and utilities. Despite having by far the most applications of any other mobile device supplier, Apple’s process for approving applications is more restrictive than its competitors and developers have created a variety of ways to “jailbreak” the device so users can access applications not officially sanctioned by Apple or available in the App Store.

Following Microsoft’s release of Windows Phone 7, some enterprising developers came up with a tool that lets users jailbreak the new devices but, as Enterprise Mobile Today reports, Microsoft was none too happy about its release.

Just days after three well-known bloggers and developers posted a tool that purports to unlock Windows Phone 7 handsets, the app has been pulled from the Web on Microsoft’s insistence.

The tool, dubbed ChevronWP7, was designed to enable anyone to unlock a WP7 device without a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Marketplace developer account, according to a blog post late last week by the team that developed the tool.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Windows Phone 7 ‘Jailbreak’ Tool Pulled Offline

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