FTC Pushes ‘Do Not Track’ List for Web Privacy

Everyone, well you’d have to think most everyone, loves all the free content available on the Web. Advertising is the primary way the creation and distribution of all that free online content is supported. But how far should companies be allowed to go to obtain personal information to target potential customers with their ads?

eSecurity Planet details the steps the Federal Trade Commission would like to see Web companies and advertisers take in a new report that calls for the creation of a “do-not-track” registry designed to protect consumers’ privacy.

The Federal Trade Commission has released a long-anticipated report recommending steps Web companies and advertisers can take to protect consumer privacy, appealing to the industry to develop a “do-not-track” registry for consumers to opt out of behavioral targeting systems.

The report comes in response to mounting concerns among privacy advocates about the sophisticated profiles that online marketers, publishers and service providers are developing about users in an effort to better target advertisements.

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FTC Privacy Report Advocates ‘Do-Not-Track’ List

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