Who Writes Linux? Report Details Contributions

Keeping tabs on the latest Linux developments? It’s not always easy to know the scope and pace of contributions, but the Linux Foundation gave it a shot in its just released, third annual Who Writes Linux report.

Among the interesting findings is that the top contributors to Linux kernel development have shifted over the last year to include more contributions from mobile vendors. Linux Planet has that and lots more details, including the reasons why the number of kernel code commits have slowed over the past year.

Linux developers continue to push out new kernels at rapid pace, though over the course of the last year the pace of new code commits has slowed, according to a new report from the Linux Foundation.

The ‘Who Writes Linux’ report finds that the number of code commits to the recent 2.6.35 kernel was 18 percent lower than the 2.6.30 kernel which was released in 2009. There are a number of reasons why kernel code commits have slowed over the past year.

Read the full story at Linux Planet:

Is Linux Kernel Development Slowing Down?

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