Most New Malware Disappears Within A Day: Study

Hackers are getting more and more creative and deceptive with their malware scams, forcing consumers and security software firms to escalate their vigilance to prevent widespread data loss and exposure.

As eSecurity Planet reports, the good news for everyone is that most of these new pieces of malware are detected and eradicated within a day, forcing malware authors to continuously tweak their campaigns to avoid detection.

According to a new Panda Security study, the average number of new malware threats created each day has increased from 55,000 in 2009 to more than 63,000 this year, a 14 percent jump.

Malware authors continue to write new data-swiping applications at a breakneck pace but thanks to improved antivirus and antimalware security apps, most of these threats are eliminated within 24 hours of their existence.

However, according to report by security software firm Panda Security, this short lifespan doesn’t mean that Internet users are any safer than they were in years past.

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Malware Volume Surges But Lifespan Is Short

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