Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 Looks to Cut Crashes

The latest Firefox release is out with at least one major enhancement that Mozilla, the open source browser’s managing body, says will make Firefox more stable: out-of-process plugin support.

The idea is that by divorcing plugin activity from the core Firefox process thread, ensuring that if a troublesome add-on crashes, it won’t cause the entire browser to go belly-up. eSecurity Planet takes a look at this and other security and stability enhancements in Firefox 3.6.4.

Mozilla is updating its Firefox Web browser with new technology that is targeted at making the open source browser more stable. The Firefox 3.6.4 release also includes fixes for four critical security vulnerabilities.

Firefox 3.6.4 is the first Firefox update in the Lorentz branch of Firefox development, which adds new features to incremental point updates of the browser. Typically, point updates in the Firefox browser do not introduce new functionality, but rather are built to address bug and security issues.

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Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 Delivers Stability and Security

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