Eclipse Helios Drops 39 Open Source Projects

The momentum at the Eclipse Foundation continues to build, with the Helios project releasing 39 open source projects.

Totaling more than 39 million lines of code, the release runs the gamut, including Java, JavaScript and PHP IDE projects. take a look at the latest from the Helios project.

For the past seven years, the Eclipse Foundation has presided over a coordinated release train of Eclipse projects. This year, the Eclipse Helios release train continues the tradition, providing 39 different open source projects and over 33 million lines of code. The Helios project tally improves on the 33 project included with 2009’s Eclipse Galileo release train.

The project releases include, Java, JavaScript and PHP IDEs as well as Web tool, modeling and runtime projects. While the Eclipse Helios release is an open source effort, the goal behind the coordinated release is all about encouraging commercial adoption.

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Helios Release Delivers 39 Open Source Projects for Eclipse IDE

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