Mozilla Patches 11 Firefox Security Flaws

The last time Mozilla issued a security update for its Firefox browser, it patched just one critical flaw. This week, it has issued an update that fixes nine critical flaws, and at least 11 vulnerabilities all told.

Mozilla’s security update for Firefox 3.6.13 tackles numerous memory flaws, a buffer overflow security flaw that threatens Windows users and an OpenTypes font issue. eSecurity Planet has the details.

Mozilla is updating its open source Firefox Web browser to version 3.6.13, fixing at least 11 security issues, nine of which are rated as critical. In contrast, the Firefox 3.6.12 update issued at the end of October fixed a single critical flaw.

Among the critical security fixes to Firefox 3.6.13 are multiple memory safety hazards, which Mozilla has grouped under a single advisory. One of the memory flaws was reported by famed security researcher “Nils” who in 2009, demonstrated how he could exploit both IE 8 and Firefox 3.x with a previously unreported zero-day flaw at the PWN2OWN security contest.

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Mozilla Plugs Firefox 3.6.13 For 11 Flaws

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