Novell Debuts Cloud Manager 1.1

With its $2.2 billion sale to Attachmate pending, Novell is taking its Cloud Manager technology for handling workloads in the cloud to the next level. The firm released version 1.1 this week, offering new provisioning and self-service capabilities, as well as a host of virtualization enhancements.

“In Cloud Manager 1.1, we let you import existing virtual hosts and the associated virtual machines versus having to create everything brand new,” said Novell’s Mike Robinson.

Also included in the new release is a set of features that can meter service for payments and accept foreign currencies. CIO Update has the story on Novell’s release of Cloud Manager 1.1.

Enterprise software vendor Novell is set to be acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 billion, but that’s not slowing down the process of rolling out new software updates.

This week Novell is releasing Cloud Manager 1.1, which updates new capabilities for cloud workloads over the initial 1.0 release of Cloud Manager, which debuted in September. With the new release, Novell is aiming to make it easier for enterprises to take their existing workloads and turn them into cloud services.

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Novell Advances Cloud Manager

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