Phishing Scam Preys On McDonald’s Customers

McDonald’s is no stranger to malware and phishing campaigns trading off its brand. It along with other high-profile companies such as Apple, Whole Foods and Coca-Cola are being repeatedly targeted by malware purveyors looking for a familiar face to serve as front for their illegal activities.

As eSecurity Planet reports, a new phishing campaign making its way around the Internet this week is using a bogus survey offering $250 in cash as the lure to get people to divulge their most sensitive personal information.

Security software vendor AppRiver in a blog post is warning that once the survey is submitted — along with all of the victim’s personal information — the respondent is then redirected to the real McDonald’s corporate website to give victims a false sense of security.

“Phishing attempts have been making their way across the Internet at record numbers lately,” Gill wrote in the posting. “Of course, this is where the blackhats are waiting to collect your information for use or possibly for resale.”

Earlier this month an almost identical phishing scam targeted Coca-Cola customers. That malware campaign offered $150 for a completed “survey” and, according to AppRiver, appears to have been a cut-and-paste job from a previous phishing endeavor because several of the links led to the McDonald’s website just as this new campaign does.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Malware Campaign Targets McDonald’s Customers

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