Are Apple’s New Tamper-Free Screws Bad News?

Whether it’s good news or bad, Apple seems to always find a way to make the news. The latest development is a story first reported by ifixit, a site that provides repair manuals for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) hardware.

It seems Apple has introduced a new kind of screw that makes it extremely difficult for anyone outside of Apple to get at the insides of the latest iPhone 4 units.

“One of the biggest reasons for Apple doing this is that they don’t want to deal with someone who messes up their iPhone going to an Apple store to get their iPhone fixed under warranty,” Luke Soules, co-founder of ifixit, told “And basically it encourages people to just buy a new device when something goes wrong because even after the two-year warranty expires it’s going to be harder for anyone to repair it because of the screw.”

Ifixit also said that the appearance of the new screw in the MacBook Air could hinder the efforts of third party companies who want to offer SSD drives with more storage than what Apple offers.

Enterprise Mobile Today has all the details including speculation by an ifixit cofounder on how this is likely to play out.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Apple to Customers: Don’t Screw With the iPhone

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