Mozilla Skywriter Project Moves to Ajax

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  • In a surprise development, the Mozilla Skywriter project is no more. But the proposed Web editor for the cloud still has life as the plan is to integrate the code into the Cloud9 Editor (ACE).

    Skywriter, a Mozilla Labs project, was first called Bespin, a reference to the cloud city from Star Wars. Mozilla’s decision to end Skywriter as a Mozilla Labs effort doesn’t mean the end of development for Skywriter-based technology, however. Still, it is indicative of a shift in focus at Mozilla that has occurred during the past year.

    “The big change that happened is that Mozilla has said that we need to put more oomph behind our developer tools effort and get more things into Firefox and get more of a community built up around building developer tools for Firefox,” Kevin Dangoor, manager of developer tools at Mozilla, told “For those of us working on Skywriter, that became the bigger picture.”

    A change between what Mozilla had been building with Skywriter and what ACE offers is the use of the browser DOM instead of Canvas to deliver the editor. The Canvas tag is an emerging HTML5-driven specification that isn’t yet supported on all browsers. reports on the future of SkyWriter and the rise of browser-based Web development tools.

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    Mozilla Skywriter Becomes Part of Cloud Editor

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