Racy Malware Tags Facebook Accounts

Facebook members are on the lookout for another malware ploy this week that uses what appears to be an unsolicited video titled “Distracting Beach Babes” to infect users’ PCs with adware.

This latest example of socially engineered malware preys, obviously, on users’ interest in attractive women as well as their naivety to download a file that appears to have been sent by someone in their Facebook network.

As eSecurity Planet discovered, hackers used a similar trick last week by circulating another video titled “Candid Camera Prank.” According to security software vendors, the number and complexity of these type of attacks will only increase as people become more familiar and comfortable with sharing personal information on social networks.

Once the adware is installed on a user’s PC or mobile device, it then spreads the video con to everyone in the infected person’s network.

Thousands of Facebook users have been victimized by a new malware scam that uses the lure of a purported “Distracting Beach Babes” video to get users to install adware on their PCs and mobile devices.

Last week, a similar scam using a thumbnail come-on to download a video titled “Candid Camera Prank” victimized Facebook members who were foolish enough to click on what they thought was a video of a young woman in a short skirt riding a bicycle.

In both cases, once a person clicks on the alleged video he or she is taken to a rogue Facebook application that asks the user to update his or her FLV player.

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Facebook Users On Lookout for ‘Beach Babe’ Malware

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